Private Peering Relationship

BTnet has a direct private peering relationship with many cloud service providers including Microsoft (inc Office 365) and Amazon AWS hence cloud application traffic can be handled directly with the cloud provider without the need to route over the public internet. Results high capacity and low latency connections

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Just tell us what you need or think you need. We will bespoke a plan around your needs. what ever it is – allowances, roaming, contract term, support or anything else we have not thought about. Get in touch today – on a mission to disrupt the UK B2B market and make things simple, oh and getting a solid market share over time. All pricing is simple and straight forward will drill down billing to match. We have been connecting business users from back in ” Orange ” days

Recently we noticed networks and partners offering massive amounts of data, often unlimited – which we know no one hardly ever uses ( a marketing gimmick). Did we miss something? So we dug deeper … The data speeds were throttled ! It was really to good to be true. We don’t offer plans that throttle data speeds !


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